With nearly a decade of experience experimenting and crafting, Galaxy Armor is your premiere source for clothing and armor. We maintain large quantities of daily gear at each of our locations and offer extremely customized solutions to meet your every need.

Lets work together to make your character stronger!

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Convenient Locations

-4020 4755 Naboo
1.1km outside of Theed
Largest Variety

710 -5425 Corellia
900m outside of Coronet
Unsliced Armor

2040 -4250 Tatooine
1.5km outside of Mos Eisley
Cheap Starter Armor

Personalize Everything

Design your own armor
to meet your unique needs
Custom Armor

Stand out in a crowd and
create your own unique style
Custom Clothing

Have your custom order
mass produced for later use
Large Quantities

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Whether you need customized clothing, armor, or large orders, Galaxy Armor has you covered with a large selection of armor that includes enhanced and un-enhanced RIS, composite and ubese. We also carry "show only" armor for entertainers and custom clothing in a color you want. Items can be crafted with or without sockets and bio-engineered tissues as required.

Your custom orders will be reviewed, tweaked and crafted to match your exact specifications and needs. Use the following shortcuts to contact us and begin discussing the specifics of your order.